It’s a Boy!!

My dear friends recently made the announcement that they are expecting a baby boy in late December!! Congratulations Emma and Kevin. I love you both and know you are going to make amazing parents. I can’t wait to do a few belly shots of Mr. Tyler James. Take care of eachother and that precious, growing baby boy. See you both next week!

Today turned into a dreary fall day. However the clouds and rainy day made the colors in my bedroom this afternoon pop! You should have seen me trying to get this shot…I’m 5 feet and 1.5 inches (I used to think that I was 5 feet and 3 quarters, but today the doctor confirmed that this is incorrect) so I knew it was going to be hard to get up high enough to get this photo. First I tried standing on pillows. Then I added a couple books…when that didn’t work, I grabbed the step stool and very carefully placed it on top of my bed to climb.  I still wasn’t tall enough. So I tested Grandaddy Tom’s handy work and stood on my mantel headboard. It worked! (My mother is probably reading this and not happy.) But nothing came crashing down. And I like how you can tell how old our house is by the different textures on the painted walls.

I also had the pleasure of hanging with this furry fellow this weekend. Isn’t he beautiful?!? Bo is a Siberian Husky and is the friendliest dog eva! I gave him my favorite squeaky toy for dogs, the Cat Burglar…which was an all time favorite of our family dog Maggie.

I don’t normally Photoshop this much, but I wanted to emphasize Bo’s ice blue eyes. He’s gorgeous! Kind of a random post today, but it’s that kind of Monday. However, I am looking forward to my photoshoots this week! I’m meeting a couple new families and I have all kinds of ideas for them! Tasha and Steve, your big day is coming! See you Friday!