The Cutest Boy in Sistersville!

I had a request from a very special mommy (and a very special friend) to see pictures of her little man. I took these when I was home in Sistersville for Alumni Weekend. (For those that don’t know…Alumni is as exciting as Christmas, or my birthday for that matter.) I had posted photos of Brayden at my old website but Shay couldn’t see them for some reason. So here he is! Debuting on the new and improved blog. And isn’t he just the cutest!!

Brayden loved, loved that balloon! There was a high school graduation party in the shelter at the park and one of the kids gave Brayden that balloon. He wasn’t happy when mommy tried to tie it to his wrist so he wouldn’t lose it.

He wasn’t so into the bubbles though.

What fun! We had such a blast and stayed at the park until Brayden couldn’t take it anymore. I think he fell asleep on the 2 minute drive home. To Shay, Stevie and Brayden, I miss you all bunches and can’t wait for another visit this fall. Love you tons! Mwah!