Bell + Marley = BFF

Meet two of the cutest dogs in Michigan! Bell is a new edition for Chris and Kristen who are now living in Chicago. She is a beautiful golden retreiver who doesn’t run off even when she’s left outside unnoticed for ten minutes. 😉 Marley is a new edition for Brandon who lives up in Bellaire, MI. Both doggies were in Grand Haven last week and had their very own (quick) photoshoot. Marley was waaaaay too interested in eating the acorns off the driveway to pay attention to me, so we’ll have to shoot him again soon.

Aren’t they just the cutest dogs!?!? And I love the little family picture of Chris, Kristen and Bell. So sweet!! Next time we are all in town we need to take some fall/snow action shots with the dogs on the golf course! How fun!!

I also want to thank Emily, Mike, Drew, Jimmy, Justin and Kim for helping me celebrate my 27th birthday! I had such a fun, fun time with everyone on Saturday and I hope you all did too. My favorite part was my very yummy chocolate cake surprise at dinner…and that white wine with the tricky cork/cap.

September 29, 2008 - 7:43 pm

teemoon13 - OMG… that dog is soo cute! What type of dog is he? I have a dog too, I was told it was black lab/pit bull, but after testing found out it’s german sheppard/dalmation/boston terrier. Great picture.