Perfect Timing!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the most beautiful family at Buchanan Beach. The day started out a little dreary…but as luck would have it, the sun started to peek out just as we all were arriving at the beach. Perfect!!

Andrea and Alec were good sports for me. Especially Alec who is a sophomore in high school playing Varsity football!! I’ve known sweet Andrea since she was five years old….I was student teaching in her pre-school class when I was in high school…now she’s in EIGHTH grade!!! Yikes! I’m old! Andrea was such a beautiful model for me and I can’t wait to shoot her senior pictures some day!

This location was perfect! There was nobody on the beach (maybe due to the gloomy weather) and the contrast between the beach grass and the lake was perfect. Thanks for getting a little sandy for me guys!

Aren’t they a gorgeous family!?! You all were so much fun and very easy to work with. You guys are the best! Can’t wait to get together again! Don’t forget to check out your personal gallery for more photos.