The Little Belly

A while back I congratulated my sweet friends Emma and Kevin on the pending arrival of their first baby. Tyler James is due January 1st 2009. A New Year’s Baby!!! With summer quickly fading in Grand Haven, Emma and I took advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon and went to the beach for a few belly shots. We’ll do more as Tyler James grows, but outdoor beach shots won’t be this easy in November.

Emma was such a brave sport! It was even her idea to get in the water. I wouldn’t let her go in too far for fear that I’d have to save her if an enormous wave came out of nowhere. We both got through the shoot safely. Emma got her wings when we were in high school. They are so unique and so Emma! I love you Emma and I’m so happy, proud and excited for you (and Kevy too!). Can’t wait for that belly to get even bigger. Mwah!