The Face Off Continues

Sasha has always been one of my favorite models to photograph. But lately she’s had some competition with Drew’s Siberian Husky Beau. Beauy and Sash have met a few times. The first time was a disaster. I didn’t do any research on the proper way to introduce a hyper dog to a sassy kitty. The incident left many of us traumatized (mostly my¬† mother and me) but we put our past mistakes behind us and have since tried again. Each time gets a little bit better…Saucey still hisses every time Beauy comes within 3 feet of her, but they have been able to be in the same room without chaos for 5 minutes now. I thought I’d share a few photographs (that I took with my new camera!) of our latest encounter.

Meet the opponents:

Weighing in at 65 pounds (he had the tummy flu last week and his fighting weight has gone down a bit)….Mr. Beau Danser


Weighing in at an impressive 9 pounds (Saucey recently spent some time at her grammy’s house where she is fed on command)…Miss Sasha Rutherford


The pair continue to have mild hostility towards one another and the need for a baby gate is still a must-have. (Much to our inconvenience.)

Beauy often parks himself strategically outside of Saucy’s room on the other side of the baby gate for some serious stalking.


Sasha ignores him with the classic “cold shoulder” technique. (Typical woman.)


I let Beau out to enjoy the beautiful 5 degree weather we are having in Columbus. (He’s a Husky, he loves it!) And even while he’s outside, Sash finds a way to tease him. But as soon as I let him back in, she retreats to her corner behind the safety of the baby gate.


I think after their extended stay together over the Holidays, they will come to realize that they are stuck with each other. Saucy seems to be the one holding a grudge from the first encounter together. We’re all hoping she gets over it soon. Beau is really well behaved and just curious about her. Every time she hisses and growls (yes, cats can growl) he looks at Drew and I like “What’d I do??”

Never a dull moment! We are getting packed up for the trip back to Sistersville and then on to Charlotte for the Continental Tire Bowl game the Mounties are debuting in on the 27th. YAY!!

December 22, 2008 - 5:16 pm

Mary Ann - Great post… and great pictures. Glad to see Beau Boy and the Sauce are working it out. Much better results than at our house. I’m not surprised Beau is well behaved… he comes from such a nice family! Sauce and Beau will soon realize they are great company for each other when they are home alone!