The Night Christmas Came Early

I know I signed off earlier today, but I had to jump on and show off my BIG surprise from Drew. We are headed home to WV to see our families tomorrow, so tonight was our night to exchange gifts. He gave me beautiful presents and I was excited about each and every single one (the new Garmin GPS! YES!). However, my big surprise came at the very end.


It’s every girl’s dream to get something in a little blue box. I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it. He did soooo good!!! It’s perfect! I love big jewelry and this necklace is just gorgeous!! I’m sorry I couldn’t get a close up. It’s actually a sad story. After the excitment of opening presents, we decided on one more treat…a trip to the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard (my favorite!!). On the way out the door, Drew called to me to be careful because it had iced outside. I said “WHAT?” and went flying down the front steps. I landed on my back on the concrete steps and it knocked the air out of me!!! I was soaking wet and couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry. (I did a little bit of both.) Even the trip to the DQ was cancelled. That says a lot…if I turn down a Dilly Bar, you know I’m in some serious pain. So needless to say I’m having a hard time walking, lifting things, and sitting down. That’s why I couldn’t get a clear close up of the necklace, I couldn’t even steady the camera! I’ve loaded up on the Ibuprofen’s and have managed to admire my pretty necklace every time I glance in the mirror.

And for those that are curious…I got Drew an Avi Automatic Car Starter and a new dress jacket from Macy’s. He looked so handsome in it!!

Can’t wait to see the family tomorrow. I love you all and wish everyone a very happy Christmas. I’m off to find a heating pad.