The Weekend in Pictures

For those of you that don’t watch the news (or may be living under a rock) the northern mid-west was rocked by a mammoth snow storm on Thursday evening and is still getting dumped on along the Michigan Lakeshore. My parents have lived in Grand Haven, MI for 15 years and they’ve never seen it this bad. Grand Haven made national news two nights ago because of a 100 car pile up on the highway just south of us. They even pulled all of the plow trucks off the road because conditions were so dangerous and they couldn’t keep up with the snow. And as I type this…the snow is STILL FALLING!!

Here are a few photos of our house in Grand Haven courtesy of my Mother.


That huge pile on the deck is the grill!!


Great pictures Mom!!

Now in Detroit, we also got a ton of snow. Not as much as Grand Haven, but more that we thought we would. I think our total was around 8 inches. So instead of cuddling up under blankets and enjoying some down time, we dressed up in our best and headed downtown Royal Oak to celebrate the holidays with great friends, good drinks and yummy food. Yes, I wore heels out in 8 inches of snow. I managed to get myself stuck in a few deep drifts, but was thankfully rescued by my fabulous boyfriend who carried me to safety. Here are a few pictures of our night out with my roommate (of almost 10 years!) Emily and her boyfriend Mike taken with my Point and Shoot camera.





Yes, I got a little restless and went Carrie Bradshaw on my hair. I’m loving it though! I should really get off here and get to gettin’. I have laundry, packing, last minute shopping and last minute wrapping to do before we leave for WV tomorrow. Merry Christmas! The next time I’m on here will be after Charlotte! YIPPIE!! Safe travels to all.

Mmmmwah! xoxoxo