Bowling with the Mounties!

What a great Christmas! Our big trip started in Sistersville with family get-togethers and fun. Both of our families spoiled us more than they should have. I had to spend most of Christmas on a heating pad (the back is still in some pain!) however a glass of wine or two helped me to forget about it. The weather in WV was beautiful. This was the view from Mom’s deck on Christmas morning. Look at that sun!


After Christmas, Drew and I packed up to head to Charlotte. (Bless you Drew for driving the whole way…I was pretty worthless sitting on an ice pack and complaining the whole way.) We met my mom and dad, Uncle Brent, Drew’s mom and dad, his sister Amy and husband Doug, Aunt Lori and Uncle Tom and my brother Troy Boy. We had the BEST seats!!! We were in the 19th row at the 50 yard line. AMAZING!! Our tailgate was also top notch. Thanks to Uncle Brent’s big win in the drawing at the Elks…we had a Mountie tent, chairs and rolling cooler! The food was great (thanks to Mom for supplying the tasty tailgate snacks) and thanks to Aunt Lori for getting the best seats in the house. My mom was the picture taking queen with her Nikon CoolPix. (I didn’t take the new camera along…it seemed a bit dangerous.) Here is a picture of Drew and I at our seats. I’ll post more as they arrive in my inbox.


It was a little foggy but the temperature was perfect. We celebrated a Mountie win over UNC in football and a BIG Mountie win over Ohio State in basketball. If my sweet cousins Chloe and Jordy are checking this…please notice that I did not remove your fabulous manicure. I flaunted it to the whole family and I think I was even able to get you girls a few referalls. I’ll be on here posting photos through out the day. So stay tuned!!

December 31, 2008 - 4:00 pm

Aunt Lori - Meg, I love your post. Uncle Tom & I had such a great time with all of you. I can hardly wait for us to get together again. Megan, I love seeing you so HAPPY and In LOVE. We just love Drew…he’s a Catch!!!! Talk to you soon. Love you! Aunt Lori

December 31, 2008 - 9:04 pm

Mary Ann - Your Aunt Lori is so smart…..

Love you!