Take This Town Over Tonight!

Thanks again to my sweet mother for being our photographer during the trip. I had my point and shoot, but it just felt nice to have someone else be in charge of photos!

This first photo is my favorite! I think the tree and the band look soooo cool! Who wouldn’t want the Pride of West Virginia under their Christmas tree?!? This was at the Epicenter where the Mountaineer Band got the fans fired up for some football fun.

dscn0327After the mini-pep rally we went to the city center for the BIG pep rally. This is where a few players come out to speak and the coaches. It was PACKED!!! We got there a little late and didn’t get very good spots either. What made it worse is that the street was a downward slope. So it made it even harder (especially for us little people!) to see things. However my mom and Drew’s mom JoLynn are super sneaky and got all the way to the front for a photo op with the Mountaineer.


Aren’t they adorable!! After the pep rally we were all off to Fox & Hound for dinner and a few drinks. I love this photograph of my Uncle Tom and Aunt Lori with JoLynn and Rich (Drew’s parents). Everyone looks so excited!


Apparently Drew and I were the only ones not wearing WVU gear. We missed the memo…and took plenty of heat for it. Our friend Nathan of Sistersville, also stopped in for the festivities. Drew doesn’t get to see Nathan very much so they had lots of catching up to do. It was great to see you Nathan! We miss you! (Nathan didn’t get the WVU memo either.)





I love that photo of my mom and dad! They look so happy!

The next morning came bright and early for all of us. My mom got my dad up extra early to make sure he got outside to pick out the best tailgating spot. She peeked out the hotel window to discover he was the only football fan up at that hour setting up their tailgate. He had the pick of the litter on spots.


What a dedicated dad!! The rest of us eventually showed up. The food, drinks and location couldn’t have been better. You can tell that it was a very foggy day. The game was at 1:00pm and the fog was just starting to burn off as we headed into the stadium. I think it made our photos look great! I love how you can just barely see the tops of the buildings uptown Charlotte.



It was great to have my brother there too! He has had to miss out on a few family gatherings due to his job in Grand Haven. It was also great to have Amy and Doug there. As you can see, Doug is wearing a neutral color…but it looks pretty powder blue to me.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year’s Eve! I plan on doing absolutely nothing! I’m still resting my back and recovering from the long road trip. So it will be me, Drew, Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. Can’t wait!!!