finding ways to beat the cold

Saucy’s back!! I made it home to Grand Haven today only to discover that it is still bitter cold and still snowing. Even Sasha had to find creative ways to beat the cold. I walked into the dining room to find her huddled underneath the rug. I love how you can only see her eyes. What a sweet kitty! Beauy has been getting a lot of love on the blog lately, so I had to stock up on some Saucy photos. This one is my favorite!


After getting feedback from two reliable sources on my logo, I’ve switched back to the original. But I added a bit of color. I do like the clean lines and modern look of this simple stamp on my work. My parents got yet another 7 inches of snow today. It’s really stunning to see how much snow is on the ground here in West Michigan. This is a great one of Sasha checking out the chaos.


Look at all that snow!!!! It is almost covering the second railing on the deck! Even Sasha who is the escaping bandit didn’t even set a little paw out in that snow.

Now I’m going to close this post with a few instructions. For those of you who are looking for a bit of laughter. Please click on iPhoto Booth Video at the upper right hand corner of my page. The other night Drew and I discovered the joy that can be found in iPhoto Booth on my iMac. The video will have you in tears…I promise. It is password protected because of a little bit of language. 🙂 The password is my last name (in all lower case). Please check it out….and enjoy!!!!