A Must See!!

For many, it’s the book that changed their life…for all, it’s a hands-down, must-see movie. Friday night marked the opening for (in my opinion) the best movie to hit the big screen in a very long time. He’s Just Not That Into You featured an all-star cast, more than one laugh out loud moment, a few tears and a standing ovation from my roommate Emily and me.


Every woman – no matter your age or marital status – should see this movie. Ginnifer Goodwin did an amazing job! (For those that love the HBO series hit Big Love…you’ll enjoy seeing her in this fresh new role…that she totally rocked!) Emily also pointed out that she has again fallen for Ben Affleck…who literally fell off the love poles a few years back after his disaster with Bennifer. I don’t want to give too much of the movie away, because I really want you to see it. Then email me so we can gush about it! It was great to be home in Royal Oak on Friday night to enjoy this movie with my sweet roomie (for only three more weeks!).

I’ve been busy as heck getting ready for the move, traveling and trying to stay healthy. I’ve been fighting the weird “not feeling too well” sickness for a few days now. I’ve also been separated from my iMac and cameras. They have permanently taken up residence in Columbus. I’ll get my hands back on my camera this week, just in time for VALENTINE’S WEEKEND!! I’m soooo very excited for this coming weekend for two reasons. 1) I have the best Valentine a girl could ask for (that’s you honey!) and 2) Drew’s band is packing up this weekend and driving to Sistersville to play at the Elks for Valentine’s Day! I’ve convinced the majority of my family to be in attendance…Aunt Lori is driving up from Charlotte!!! So it will be a weekend full of fun, family, friends and of course…love! Awww! I’ll be popping in and out this week to blog about random things. We get the keys to our new place and paint projects begin pronto.

Have a wonderful week!

February 10, 2009 - 8:09 pm

Aunt Lori - Hey Meg, I guess from your recommendation, I’m going to see the movie…with my girl friends. Uncle Tom & I went to see Mall Cop. The only thing good about that movies, was the beer and peanuts I snuck in. Anyway, can’t wait to see you and to hear Drew’s band. I’m really looking forward to the trip home. Love you!

And thanks for the shout out on your page…It made me feel special.

February 19, 2009 - 10:51 pm

Randa - Just wondering if this is a movie I could drag Josh to watch or should I spare him the “chick flick” and see it with some gal pals?