Wide Open Spaces

I’ve been having serious blog withdraw during the last week and a half. There have been other priorities that have kept me away and completely consumed…the move, the trip to WV, painting, shopping…the works. But today, is my first morning to actually breathe, enjoy the new house (that is minus my furniture…we rectify that situation in a week and a half!) and watch the pets adjust to life in a larger row house.

Beau LOVES it. He has so much room, both outside and in. I went outside where he was running laps in the back yard without a care in the world. Suddenly his new neighbor came outside (a beautiful, big dog – not sure what it is) and they said hello through the tiny hole at the bottom of the fence.


The other night we were welcomed by another kind of neighbor.


This little raccoon and Beauy had a stare off that lasted for about 15 minutes. Don’t worry, I made sure Drew stayed outside to protect Beauy if that little raccoon turned rabid. We haven’t seen him since, but I know he’s visited us again….our garbage was destroyed the other morning.

Beau and Sash are getting along great. They behave like brother and sister. I see them loving on each other one minute, then I hear Saucy hissing her lungs out at him the next.

The house is coming along swimmingly…however I forgot what a HUGE PAIN it is to move!!! We painted our living room…after it had dried we both decided that we hated it. It was supposed to be a soft soothing grey color. But after it dried it turned lavendar and I felt like I was living in a 5 year-old little girl’s bedroom. So today I’m turning it to a shade called Cracked Wheat. It’s a trendy name for Beige. We do have an accent wall that is Vegetable Garden green…it’s beautiful! AND…the biggest news is that we have finally decided to mount Drew’s first born (his precious plasma TV) on the wall above the fireplace. It’s going to free up so much room!!

And finally, I want to thank our friends, family and loved ones who came out to the Elks on Valentine’s Day for Cacti’s big show. It meant the world to both Drew and I that the people we love were there to celebrate with us. Not to mention we helped the Elks have one of their biggest nights in revenue at the bar! Bucket Beers all around! 🙂

The next week or two is busy again. I may jump on here one or two times during the craziness. I’ll  be back to Royal Oak on Monday for my last week and to pack up my house. I’ll pop in as much as I can!

February 19, 2009 - 1:08 pm

Aunt Cathy - As always, I love your pictures and look forward to seeing what shows up next. You are right, this past Valentine’s Day was one I shall never forget, Cacti’s performance was top. notch (when are they coming back?) I appreciated how they showcased all the talent of those young men as everyone moved to different positions throughout the sets. Thanks to Drew for wishing me Happy Birthday too 😀

Love ya bunches

February 19, 2009 - 1:51 pm

Mary Ann - Aunt Cathy was right… it was a great night of family, friends, and most of all fun!!! So neat to have Grandmas and a Grandpa there, too! Daddy and I love Cacti! We will plan a trip to Columbus to hear them play, and maybe the house will be ready for touring.

Glad the pets are being good… Love to all of you. I miss you guys.


February 19, 2009 - 10:47 pm

Randa - I have to agree with mom and Aunt Mee Ann…we all had a great time. Hopefully we’ll have more family get togethers like that one. Who knew we’d be having a family reunion on Valentines Day! Still wishing Troy could have been there. I loved the pics of your new place and can’t wait to see it after you’ve added your personal touches. Your puppy is adorable and I’m glad Sasha gets along with him. Love you so much!!