Adjusting Well

Sauce and Beauy have been living together in the new house for a week now. More and more I find them sleeping close to eachother and even playing together. This weekend, I came up the stairs to peek in on them and found them both sound asleep on the bed. (Did I mention the “no pets on the bed” rule?? We are such enforcers.) I thought they looked so sweet…especially Saucy. She was sound asleep on Drew’s pillow. I think that was payback since he put her in the basement for the night. 🙂




I think it is only a matter of time before they start cuddling!

In moving news, I’m heading to Michigan today to pack up the last of my things. I have salon appointments up there too, so it works out perfectly that I’m in the area and can get both work and moving chores done. I’m also excited to visit my favorite places in Royal Oak this week for the last time as a “resident”. Drew asked me if I was going to cry on Saturday when we pack up my things and head back to Columbus…I promised I’d try not to. Our house is turning into a home more and more….but I wanted to give you an idea of what we were living in on Friday. Remember the paint I told you about that we hated? It took a coat of primer, two trips to Home Depot and a very thick layer of Cracked Wheat to get rid of it….this was the state of the living room before the weekend.


I had a conference in Cleveland all day Saturday and when I returned, Drew had surprised me by taking all the tape down (which is a HUGE pain in the rear. We discovered that a pizza cutter is the best way to keep the tape from sticking to the wall. Try it!!)  He also put all the furniture back and touched up the corners too. He’s just the BEST! I hope to post an “After” photo soon. We are bringing my couch down on Saturday and purchasing a new chair for the living room. We decided to sell Drew’s secional since it was just taking up too much room. Things are slowly coming together!!

February 23, 2009 - 9:20 pm

Mary Ann - Love the color combos. The green wall with the mantel is perfect with the wheat wall and dark woods. Cream fuzzy rug will be perfect in living room.

Glad the pets are getting along… maybe that’s because they live in such a happy home! We miss you all.

Much love!