A Weekend of Firsts

Drew’s mom and dad came to visit us this weekend. They were our first official house guests!! Drew is one of the handiest guys I know…he’s done a lot to our house and can fix just about anything. Well…now imagine how talented his dad is. Within 20 minutes of their arrival, he had turned the temperature up on the hot water tank and removed a broken light bulb that had shattered in the socket in one of our recessed lights. I was most excited about the hot water. I had asked Drew to check it out, but neither one of us could find the temperature knob. You can now take hot showers that last more than ten minutes! (One of my biggest character flaws is that I need at least a 15-20 minute shower. It’s where I do the majority of my thinking for the day.) The handiness did not stop there…we now have a bathroom door that shuts all the way, a track to run our cables from the TV down the wall, screens to open up our windows and the most exciting new addition….a brand new dining room table!!!


It is a beautiful high top table with not four…but SIX chairs!!! Drew and I picked out the candle sticks that are on top – minus the candles…I’m waiting for some funky cool colors to bring in there. We are also considering bringing the Vegetable Green wall from the living room into and on the dining room wall with the windows. This coming weekend (yes, I’m already planning my next weekend) will be jammed with projects for me. Drew will be laid up on the couch recovering from surgery. I will be the nurse-maid and house project queen.


This was also my first official weekend here in Columbus. It was great to have Drew’s mom and dad here to help us get settled in even more. We grilled out on Friday – first time to use the grill this season! And had a couple friends over on Saturday. We also made our first debut at Gresso’s. It is this fantastic Mountaineer bar – Gresso is actually from Wheeling! – right around the corner from us. I already purchased a shirt for my dad that says on the back “My favorite team is West Virginia…and anyone who plays Michigan.” I instantly felt at home at Gresso’s and foresee many happy memories being made there. Drew and I also met the president of the WV Alumni chapter at Gresso’s and we are both joining today. (I find it hilarious that neither one of us went to school there.) I asked if that was ok and he said absolutely. We are alumnaes of the state.

Today Beauy is at the groomer for the first time. This weekend was spent basking in the spring sun and warming our faces to the 70 degree weather. It felt fantastic!! However, Beau’s hair started coming out in clumps. I ran the sweeper twice on Saturday and still had dog hair dust bunnies rolling across our floor like tumbleweeds in the dessert. So Beauy is getting a hair cut. I can’t wait to see him! I’ll be sure to have a photo up of him asap. When I got back from walking him over to the groomer’s I saw Saucy looking for her friend in the window.


I love how close we are to everything. Beau knows that when my running shoes come out, something exciting is going to happen to him. It’s either a run through Schiller Park, a walk down the block…or now a trip to the groomers. I’m really excited to see how cute Beauy will be shaved down. I’m also excited to only run the sweeper once a day. Thanks for taking a look at our weekend of firsts…it was wonderful! Also, a huge thank you to Jo Lynn and Richard for coming over and spending your time, energy (and money!) on us. We love you very much and appreciate everything you’ve both done for us.

March 9, 2009 - 11:57 am

Aunt Cathy - Yipee, more pictures of your home. Love that new dining table. Brandy & Kev have the pub style set which fits so nicely in a room. Candlesticks make the perfect accompaniment. We will have Drew in our prayers for his upcoming surgery. See you in May.

Love ya,
Auntie Cathy