On Second Thought…

After tons of comments, emails and phone calls on my new puppy’s look, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to find out what that groomer was thinking. What kind of professional groomer thinks that look is good on a husky?? I know I said to trim him down…but I didn’t mean down to the skin. Thank goodness Drew is being so sweet and not holding me responsible. In reality, I’m not the one who got shearing happy with the razor. Besides, we are the parents and will love him no matter what he looks like. Does Beauy love it? Yes…he’s been begging me for the last two hours to go for a run. He still frolics like he’s 7 months old and I still contribute it to the recent weight loss he’s had in dog fur. But really….WHAT WAS THAT GROOMER THINKING??? In the good news department…his coat is already getting darker. I think it won’t be long until our fluffy boy is back. Here are a few Beauy photos of him begging for a run. How can you say no to this hilarious face?




I also have not run the sweeper since MONDAY!!! Woot woot!! Tonight I’m photographing Drew and the boys of Cacti as they record their demo. Hopefully we will get some cool shots for their inside cover of their CD. Have a great Wednesday!