In Recovery

Hi Everyone! I wanted to update our family and friends on Drew’s condition. He had a very successful surgery today and is currently laid up like a king on the couch yelling at the TV that has the Mountaineer game on. (He thinks the refs are being paid by Pitt.) The Doctor said his knee was a mess. Not only was his ACL torn, but he also tore his meniscus. The doctor gave him a new ACL from his hamstring – his doctor also complimented his amazing hammies! So the recovery is going to be a little tough, but he’s handling it like a trooper. Beauy and Sauce are being very gentle around him and I’m keeping him stocked with chocolate chip cookie ice cream sammies. YUM! Thank you for your thoughts, love and prayers.

March 13, 2009 - 6:58 am

Mary Ann - I hope Drew had a restful night… and today he is feeling happy the surgery is behind him. Best to rest while it is still cold and windy out to be ready for fun sun filled April and May days.

Hang in there Florence (Nightingale) and continue to take good care of your special boy!

Love to all of you.

March 13, 2009 - 10:59 am

Aunt Lori - Hi Megan, Uncle Tom & I are so glad Drew is doing well. We server and Awesome God and I know with all the prayers that have been lifted up Drew, he will good as new in no time at all. You both are blessed to have each other. Lots of love to you & Drew and the kids…Beau & sauce, Aunt Lori

I agree with Drew about the refs!!!