Happy Birthday Drew!

Your heart goes out to anyone who has to spend their birthday on the couch with a throbbing knee that has just undergone reconstructive surgery. However, I think Drew’s birthday is going better than we anticipated.

We’ve turned the corner in the pain department. Saturday was a very tough day for everyone. His numbing medicine wore off and he could really feel the pain from where they took the hamstring graft. My heart broke every time he had to get up or down from the couch. But towards the end of last night, he started to feel better and had a bit mobility to it. Today he woke up one year older! And as a birthday surprise, his knee felt 80% better than it had on Saturday! Again, I feel terrible that he has to spend his birthday laid up on the couch, but the Dukies are playing and I promised to make him Rice Krispy Treats for dinner. 🙂 Another birthday present is that he is allowed to remove his bandages today. (I’ve been dreading this day since Thursday.) We slowly unwrapped the dressing and I only had to run out of the room and lay down on the floor once. For those of you that know me, that’s very impressive. I did take a before and after photo of him. The first is him sleeping on the couch. Doesn’t he look cozy!?


That weird blue thing that is protruding out of the bandage is called an Ice Man…it attaches to this little cooler and circulates ice water around the knee. Very high tech! Please don’t mind our messy house. It’s turned into a hospital ward. We also don’t normally have the couch in the middle of the room at this angle…but it was more convenient for the patient.

Then after my four mile run with the hairless wonder (that’d be Beauy) we took off his bandage!


I still have a hard time looking at it…and look at how huge it is!!! His poor little foot is swollen too. I’m not exactly sure what all the incisions and bandages are (I’ve tried not to look too closely) but from the looks of it, there are three little stitches that are from the scopes, and the larger wound is from where they went in for the hamstring graft – again we are both guessing at this since NO ONE talked to us after his surgery. Apparently the doctor thinks we are smart enough to figure this out on our own. Here is a little close up….it’s not so easy on the eyes.


I’m so proud of him for handling this recovery so well. He’s also been a fantastic patient! He hasn’t been snippy or bossy at all – which if it were ME on the couch, I would probably have just cried for the last three days. He is glad to have the dressing off and to let it air out a little bit. Drew, you are an amazing, strong, tough, kind, wonderful, beautiful, happy, intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, handsome and funny guy. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy 26th birthday, honey. I love you so very much. It can only get better from here! You’ll be running with me and Beauy in no time. We can’t wait!

March 15, 2009 - 2:49 pm

Aunt Lori - Megan, Thank for the update on Drew. We’ve been wondering how he was doing. So glad to hear he is doing better today. Take care sweetie and we’ll keep checking for updates. Love ya…mean it! Aunt Lori


March 15, 2009 - 2:56 pm

Jo Lynn - thank you so much for the update on Drew and most of all for taking such good care of him. I just got off of the phone from wishing him Happy Birthday and came to view what you had posted. No matter how old your children are, it is still very emotional seeing them in pain. So Meg please give Drew a hug from his father and I , no make it two…one for his birthday and one to feel better, and Drew give Meg a kiss on the cheek from us for being there for you. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also know despite Drew’s pain and recovery from surgery that this will be the best birthday he has ever had because Megan is now apart of his life.

Happy Birthday Drew

March 15, 2009 - 4:45 pm

Mary Ann - Happy Birthday Drew! It really does look better than I thought it would. Yikes, though… I am sure you wish it was two weeks from now.

We are so excited to come and see you both in a couple weeks. We will sing Happy Birthday to you, until then rest well, get stronger, and let Florence take good care of you. We love you guys!