Demo Shoot

Before Drew’s surgery, Cacti had a chance to start recording their first demo. Drew asked me to stop by and take a couple photographs of the guys while they played. I wasn’t sure what to expect since they were recording at a friend’s house. I kind of pictured a dark basement with terrible lighting and bland backgrounds. Boy was I surprised when I ventured into the attic that has been turned into this awesome vintage sound studio! The lighting was subdued, but I bounced my flash off of a couple walls and picked up some interesting photos. These are a few of my favorites! These pictures will be used on the inside cover of the CD. Boys, I will have more for you to choose from shortly.

This is Dave, he’s the master mind behind their sound.














March 17, 2009 - 4:24 pm

Aunt Lori - Wow Meg… A Great BAND should have Great shots! They are Awesome girl.

How soon will we get a demo? I really want Uncle Tom to hear them.

Love you both!

p.s. Drew’s sister Amy looks like Julianne Huff, don’t you think?

March 17, 2009 - 7:25 pm

Mary Ann - Aunt Lori is beating me to the post as of late… she is so tricky!

The light is mood setting for sure in your demo cover shots. I think you got some great ones. We look forward to seeing/hearing the guys again when we see you in a couple weeks… Yippee!!

How is the patient doing?