A Husky Tribute

Miss Mary Ann (my mother) is a pre-school teacher in Grand Haven, MI. That means she’s kind of famous. Whenever we go to the grocery, drug store, or even just out for ice cream she could be spotted by one of her students. This entails a gasp from the lucky child and wide eyes because he can’t believe that his beloved teacher is allowed outside of the classroom!!! Then lots of “there’s MISS MARY ANN!!!!!” It’s very adorable. Even my father is known as “Mr. Mary Ann” when he is spotted with her.

My mom just told me that she has a special friend at school who loves Huskies. I thought that I would pay a little tribute to my special Husky and wish Caden good luck with his new friend Whitey! I’m sure the Husky Webkin will be a great dog for such a good boy like Caden!

I also wanted everyone to see how nicely Beau’s hair is growing back. I think he gets darker and darker every day. My sweeping chores are down to every other day…so in the long run this was very, very worth it. I think Beau knew that today was a Blogging Husky Tribute Day. Every time I photographed him, he would pose. So bear with me…I couldn’t choose just one. And let’s all say it together…LOOK AT THOSE EYES!


The photo above was taken around 11:00am this morning. I absolutely love how bright our house is. However, I wondered what kind of effect I would get from our recessed lighting in the kitchen at night. So the photo below was taken around 9:00pm this evening. Again…notice the pose.


And I had to include a little morning kiss with Beau Beau. This photo is courtesy of Drew. Please pay no attention to my geek glasses and messy bed head. Doesn’t it look like Beauy is thinking “Mom…you’re really ruining this for me.” And by the way…Drew isn’t so bad behind the lens! I love the morning sun as my back lighting. Great job honey!


Enjoy Caden!! 🙂

March 24, 2009 - 10:24 pm

Mary Ann - I couldn’t wait till morning… Meg Peg… you are the best! Caden will love the picture! Much love to you and Drew. Three days and counting!!!

March 26, 2009 - 7:48 pm

Emily - I love the pics of Beauy! He is just adorable…but really feel sad 🙁

Saucy called me yesterday and told me that she is really jealous! She told me that her Mom moved her away from her favorite Auntie and Uncle and was now only taking pictures of her evil Step-brother! I just thought you should know.