April (Snow) Showers

As most of the mid-west woke up to snow today…I was relieved to look out the window and see rain. We still don’t have snow in the forecast (THANKFULLY!) But we do have some chilly temperatures ahead of us. So I thought today would be a nice day to blog about our neighborhood. On Friday I took Beauy on a walk and spontaneously grabbed my camera on the way out the door. I’d like to express how difficult it was to walk a very excited puppy and try to take photos of the hood. I accomplished it only by putting Beau’s leash down and standing on it while I snapped away.

Our flowers are coming up and the leaves on the trees are almost out…here’s a little preview.


This is a little house on our street that I love! Most of the homes in German Village are brick…with matching brick streets too! We live right on the edge of German Village, so across the street from us are more traditional homes. Do you see the hint of blue in the corner. A rain storm was coming and our brilliant blue sky was slowly disappearing.


The photograph above was taken right from our front porch. Our street is lined with huge trees…which is great, unless the top is down on my Jeep. I’ve found a few surprises in it after I’ve left it out there for a few hours.


I couldn’t believe how far the leaves were out on this little guy! You can also see the rain clouds moving in at a very fast pace. Beauy and I decided to pack it in and head home. He’s a great walker…but an even better running partner. He’s much more disciplined on a run. He doesn’t stop at every bush to investigate when we’re running. He’s getting into shape quicker than I am! Here is the little puppy all tuckered out. I picked up a new bed for him which he loves! Saucy also loves to snuggle in it – not at the same time though. She looks so sweet because the bed is huge and she is so tiny in it. I can’t wait for the day when they cuddle together! It’s upon us!


I promised Saucy’s Auntie Emmy that she would have some blog time soon. Sash has been hanging out in some bad lighting lately and I haven’t found a shot worthy of her beauty. But she is here and doing fantastic.


April 6, 2009 - 11:46 am

Mary Ann - Was just checking to see if you were getting snow… we too missed all of it. It went south of us… that never happens. But Detroit is going to get hammered!

Love the spring time shots… and love the houses. It is an eye candy neighborhood to walk or run in. Enjoy the next few days and get ready for the Easter Bunny.

Love you guys… bunches!

April 6, 2009 - 1:26 pm

Aunt Lori - Meg, What a cool neighborhood. The one photo reminds me of a miniature of Grandma Dee and Granddaddy Tom’s house.

Go GREEN AND WHITE FIGHT-FIGHT-FIGHT! (This may be the only time your DAD will cheer for the Green & White…I’ll just pretend he’s saying “Paden City Wildcats”)!

Love ya…