I’m Advertising!!

After tons and tons of support, encouragement and cheerleading stunts from my friends, family and clients…I’ve finally decided to start advertising for the 2010 wedding season! WHEW! What a commitment! I’m very, very excited and ready for the challenge. I spent most of yesterday creating my new “wedding details” page (upper right hand corner) and putting together my ad flyers. I have a fabulous new friend in Columbus who is working with David’s Bridal (go check her out HERE!! She is wonderful!) and she is referring me to the brides that she is consulting in the Columbus area. Here are a few of the flyers that I put together.




I also have a few websites that I’ll be advertising on in the future…so I’ll keep you posted! I also want to spend some time working on a few flyers that would appeal to families and kids. I have a passion for family photography and want to start dappling in a few ads in that category as well. One thing at a time! Thank you to everyone for the continued support and encouragement. I wouldn’t be here without you!

April 7, 2009 - 10:39 pm

Mary Ann - Just beautiful Megan! I looked at the detail page for weddings… a nice selection of shots. Great prices! My favorite will always be the kissing bride and groom, wedding party cheering and the little girl looking up in wonder at that kiss!

You are going to be so busy, busy, busy! Good luck, sweetie!