Sooooo…I’ve accomplished zero today. At least nothing significant. I haven’t gotten dressed yet, I’ve been snapping photos all day, watching daytime TV, playing on the computer and listening to Cacti. I’m ignoring the ginormous load of laundry that is behind me. And I feel great about it! It’s Good Friday! The majority of my day has been consumed by bird watching. I recently got a new bird feeder and new seed. (The seed is the one that has been advertised on TV that attracts colorful songbirds!) I was upset that the first few days, my good deed (of feeding the birds) was going unappreciated. However, this morning we had a break through! The feeder was being swarmed by birds and squirrels alike! It was very exciting. Especially for the pets.



After hours of nature watching, I finally had to close the door. The damp day was bringing a chill in the house that blankets couldn’t keep away. I noticed everyone was pretty tired. I think rainy days have the same effect on animals as they do people…yucky days just make you want to go back to bed. Sasha took advantage of a very comfortable bed that was vacated by it’s owner….Beauy.


Sash hasn’t had the blog love lately, so I have to show a few other favorites.


She is just the most precious kitty. Doesn’t she look like she’s posing in the one above?? I love it!


I love how her profile shows up in the light. You can just see her little nose. Drew is obsessed with her feet and legs. He can’t get over how little they are! It’s adorable. This weekend is a cleaning one for our household. We are cleaning out the basement and the back and front yards! YES!!! I can remember when my parents would plan a weekend like the one we’re about to have and I HATED it…I guess it’s a different story when it’s your own house. 🙂 The things I know now….

Have a wonderful, happy and safe Easter everyone.

Love to you all!