Finally…the Cacti CD!

I’ve been talking about the Cacti CD cover for a long time and finally it’s here! Cacti’s drummer, Doug, is a fantastic graphic designer. Here is the front cover of their demo.


This is the inside…inside

and this is the back!back

Isn’t it fantastic!! We are really excited for the final piece. I’ve gotten a few of your requests for a copy of their demo and I will send them out as soon as I get my hands on one.

Our weekend was great! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate our new home. We didn’t get kicked out of the neighborhood (surprisingly!) and there weren’t any serious injuries or accidents. It was a very successful house warming party. A special thanks to our out-of-towners. It was awesome that you all made the trip in. xoxooxo!

Don’t forget to visit their site to hear a few of their songs…more of my photographs are posted there too.