Girls Only!

Happy First Day of May!! I can’t believe April is over…wow! Time flew by! At the beginning of this week, I posted a sneak peek of Corrin, Becca and Nolan. I’ve been working on their photos for the last two days and I have a few more to share. I thought the girls would appreciate a “Girls Only!” post, so this blog is all about them!! No little brothers to spoil the fun…although Nolan is by far one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever met, but I do understand how “little brothers” can be. 🙂

So the girls were a blast to photograph. They really got into it towards the end and became these tiny little models! Amanda and Darren are in trouble…they are 5 and 6 going on 16 and 17.img_14031

As we were walking back from the park we found this little stoop to take a few pictures on. This is what I love about German Village…all the brick and concrete! It makes for some very urban photographs. The girls were in total control of the shoot at this point…so I let them have at it.



This next one is such a natural photograph of Corrin. She looks so sweet! And I love Becca’s little shorts in the back ground.



One of the first things the girls did was point out their new High School Musical flip flops. So we couldn’t let the shoot end without getting a shoe shot. Can’t you tell these sweeties are dancers? Look at those pointed toes!!


Now there are plenty more where these came from and I haven’t even gotten to the dress-up photographs…yes, the girls dove into my closet and had a full round of dress-up play…we even got out a few of my wild high heels. So more photographs to come! Nolan will also have his special spot light…I have a few precious shots of the baby. Happy Friday to all! Enjoy the sun if it’s shining where you are!

May 1, 2009 - 11:45 am

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