Our Mother’s Day

Yesterday was a “no computer” kind of day for me, so I didn’t jump on to post any pictures or write any sentiments about my mommy. There are many reasons as to why I limit my computer time but the biggest reason was that yesterday was my first Mother’s Day away from my mom. It was really crappy!! I was afraid I’d get on here and get really shmoopy and sad. I did get shmoopy (yes, that’s a word) and sad anyway when I made a 4:00pm run to the grocery and saw EVERYONE and their brother out to eat with their families. I didn’t make the 5.5 hour trip home this weekend because I’m leaving this Wednesday night for 4 fantastic days in Grand Haven. My God son is getting baptized on Sunday, so it was silly to make two trips home in one week. So I can’t wait to spend the end of the week and weekend with my most best friend and bestest mother in the whole wide world. I love you, mother!

So Drew and I spent the day together with out pets. I continuously pointed out that yesterday was my special day too because I’m a momma to Saucy and Beauy. No one got me anything though. However, I did receive two thoughtful cards earlier in the week…1 from Sauce and 1 from Beau. (Thanks mom and dad!)

So Drew and I lounged around, cooked a yummy dinner and played with the animals. Drew also mowed the lawn and I pulled weeds in our mini flower garden. After Drew was done, he took a seat on our patio and someone came over to say hello….



Saucy was being tormented the entire afternoon because the three of us were outside and she had to stay in. So anyone who knows Sauce knows that she tried to escape every time we opened the door. I finally caved in and just let her outside for a little bit. She stayed pretty close and just ate grass. I’ve been trying to get a pet picture of Beau and Sauce together now for over a week. I decided that the best way to accomplish this was with me holding her. I turned the camera over to Drew for a Meg and The Pets shot….so appropriate that no one is looking at the camera.


And that was our Mother’s Day!

Hope all the mothers in the world had a wonderful day. I think your job is the hardest one on the planet. xoxox

May 11, 2009 - 2:38 pm

Mary Ann - Hip, hip, hooray! Megan is coming home Wed… and with the pets! We can’t wait to see everyone… just wish Drew was coming with the rest of the family!

Love the pictures of Drew and Beauy… Beau coat is growing out. Troy says Beau can sleep with him while he is home… The Sauce can have the extra twin in Meg’s room. Oh, are we gonna have fun!

Drive Safe!

May 13, 2009 - 10:58 am

Scott Fleming - Fantastic captures!