Brilliant Spring Sky and Church Bells

The other day I took a bike ride through German Village to try and capture the character of the neighborhood. I’d actually forgotten about these photographs until I plugged in my CF Card (memory card) and went scrolling through the photos. I didn’t have enough time to process all of the photos because I’m leaving for Michigan later today. (YAY!) But I did want to quickly share this photograph of the Catholic Church on High Street. There was a wedding going on inside and the limo was waiting for the bridal party. I hopped off my bike and quickly took this. What a perfect day for the happy couple!!!


I will absent for the rest of the week…unless I can’t resist and pop on a computer up north! I can’t wait for a long weekend with my parents and brother, Emma and my sweet little god son! You better believe there will be TONS AND TONS of photographs when I get back. Have a great week!