Train Trestle Adventures

When I ventured to Metro Detroit to meet up with Emily, Mike and Dave for a photo shoot, it was safe to say that Emily was the most excited. Mike and Dave were less than thrilled to be followed around with my camera and lens. However, once we got into the shoot, I think they had fun! (If you boys didn’t…then humor me.) We started out underneath a train trestle in Royal Oak. Then (true to a boy’s nature) Dave and Mike wanted to try and climb on top. (I warn everyone that I photograph that we will get dirty.) It was highly illegal and definitely difficult to hike our way up there…but sooooooo worth it in the end!! Thank you boys, for this great idea! Here is a little sneak peek of the photos I’ve been working on.


I’m almost finished with all of your pictures! Stay tuned!

Drew and I are packing up today and heading to Michigan tonight…YAY!! Coast Guard Festival is finally here! If you’ve never heard of Coast Guard, you need to click on the link. It’s the BEST time ever!! This will be Drew’s first CG experience…we plan on doing allll the touristy things so he gets the full experience. And in bonus news: Mike and Emily are coming over too! Emily is a serious veteran of CG Fesitivites, but Mike has never been either. We’re finally letting these boys of ours in on our little secret. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!