My Sweet Lyn-Dee

Finally, finally, finally!!! So many of you have shared in my family’s joy at the arrival of our newest family member from China, Lyn-Dee. She’s everything we have dreamed, hoped, prayed and wished for…and EVEN MORE!! Every day we see more of her sweet personality.

Last night was the first time we really got to see her play and laugh. Before this she had been very quiet and wouldn’t leave her mommy’s (my aunt Lori’s) side. We got out her new stacking cups and we heard giggles and belly laughs for the first time. I whipped out the point-and-shoot camera for a quick video.


Today she was like a new child! Smiling, laughing, giggling and even walking around (though not too far!) all on her own. Today, my heart melted when she walked right over to me and let me hold her. (My eyes filled with big crocodile tears!) We have all waited and waited for her and I think we’re still pinching ourselves to make sure that she’s really here.

After dinner, I took out the camera again for a quick video. I got a special treat at the very end!


I have one more story to share. 🙂 Before dinner, Uncle Tom lead the blessing. In our family we all hold hands during the dinner grace. I was sitting next to Lori who had Lyn-Dee in her lap. I started to reach for Lori’s hand but stopped and put my hand out to Lyn-Dee. She looked at it and then wrapped her tiny hand around mine for her first family dinner prayer. Again…the tears fell! It’s been an amazingly emotional trip .

We are oh so blessed to have her in our lives! Of course my camera is bursting with tons and tons of phototgraphs. I’ll have them uploaded after I get home as soon as I can. Love and hugs to all!