Winter Wonderland!

The snow is falling like crazy outside!! I thought it was the perfect night to post the rest of my photos from my sibling shoot over the holidays. These kids were a BLAST to work with. We kicked off the shoot with a snow ball fight!

What good sports!! Jonathan was allllll about the snow ball fight. You can also see in the picture above that he was a main target. Something about those little brothers….

This family had a few traditional shots that they capture every year so I was happy to help them with this year’s photographs. We did a tough guy pose…that was hard for everyone to keep a straight face through.

And we got one of just the girls….

Aren’t these girls beautiful!?!? I said they looked like they were straight out of a Gap commercial. Loved it!

Instead of throwing snow at eachother, we decided to throw it up in the air….this just looks like fun!

Love those snowman ears!

I  know I posted this photo on their sneak peek, but it has to go up again. It looks like it came straight out of a clothing catalog. You guys look awesome!!

Thanks for the fantastic photo shoot guys!!