Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’….

About SPRING!! This weather sucks. It’s warming up slightly causing the snow and ice to melt and our basement to flood. This is hands down the worst month of the year – unless you live in north/western MI and the worst month of the year is March – and I’m thankful it’s the shortest. In honor of the much anticipated spring season, that is hopefully just around the corner, I dug out some of our photos from our vacation in the Bahamas. We went on a Carnival Cruise – which was fun….but I doubt we’ll do it again. However, the sand, surf and sun in these pictures are enough to make my mouth water. I can feel it…..warm weather will be here soooooon!

And I’m not kidding…as soon as I posted this photograph, I could smell California Tan Sunscreen….which is the absolute BEST sunscreen you can use. On our cruise we made two stops in the Bahamas. My favorite spot was Cabbage Beach….it was just down the beach from Atlantis. The water was perfect. Although I’ve developed this weird fear of the ocean and all I could think about were sharks. It didn’t help that Shark Week was on the Discovery channel three days before we left – and I watched it.

We cheesed it up in the picture of us below. We were inspired by the over-indulgent photographers on board the ship. They wanted you to pose at every corner. This is about about as far as I went into the water….even though the temperature was perfect, there was a steep drop off to the deep water and I was sure I was going to be someone’s afternoon snack. And besides, I’m not very tall and it’s hard to touch the bottom! Bless Drew…he had patience with me and only swam up behind me once to terrify the life out of me.

Please don’t take too long spring and summer….we miss you around here!