Whatta Weekend!

This weekend has been a roller coaster of events. First, the weekend kicked off to a startling start when I awoke to this Friday morning.

What??? What is this? I thought I lived in Ohio now, not Michigan. This was devastating for everyone. However, the sun was out and things were melting rapidly. My mood also improved when I remembered two things. One, I was meeting a great friend and her little cutie pie for coffee in a few hours and two, the Mountaineers are in the Elite Eight. So yay! Oh and you will notice on a few of my pictures that I’m trying a new FREE Template that you can get at The Album Cafe. Love that place! Go visit!

When I went back upstairs to break the news to Drew that there was snow on the ground…I found this.

That little black blob on top of Drew is our little baby kitty. Sound asleep. (She’s really not a baby, but since she’s so tiny, that has become her nickname.) I left my family all cuddled up and headed out for coffee.

You’ve seen Jake many times before on my blog. Both as a baby and a sweet toddler. (See Jake’s other blog debuts by clicking on the links.) Robyn is such an amazing woman and I’m happy that she has turned from a client into a friend. 🙂 We spent almost two hours chatting up a storm at Cup O Joe close to my house. Jake was such a goooood boy! After our coffee date, she stopped by our new house to take a little tour. Thanks for the wine, Robyn! We’re saving it for the next time we get together! Jake is literally weeks if not days from walking. He was zooming all around the house and was especially interested in Beau who was outside enjoying the snow and sun.

Friday evening was very quiet. My allergies and head cold started to get the best of me and I cashed out on the couch. I awoke on Saturday feeling yucky and without a voice. Drew and I were supposed to leave for West Virginia to see family but I wasn’t feeling up for the trip. So being the amazingly great, kind-hearted, compassionate and wonderful man that he is, Drew stayed home with me. 🙂 (BONUS POINTS FOR DREW: I knew how badly he wanted to go home and I did tell him to go. But he didn’t want me to have to watch the game by myself. I’m a very lucky girl!)

So while I rested up on the couch, he headed outside to find some yard work to do. Within twenty minutes I heard chain saws outside. This piqued my curiosity so I gathered my strength to check it out.

Ever since we moved in…our yard has been screaming for attention. We have old trees surrounding the house that need to be trimmed. Drew recruited one of our neighbors to help him with this task. (We are so lucky to be surrounded by great people with lots of tools. Especially since Drew and I have so little tools to our name. Including no snow shovel and no lawn mower…so a chain saw was completely out of the question.) I stayed to watch the drama of ginormous limbs falling from the sky. We drew a small crowd including our little neighbor boy who was disappointed that Drew and Dustin didn’t yell “Timber!” before the limbs came down.

Before we knew it, it was time for the Mountaineers to tip off against the Kentucky Wildcats in the fight to the Final Four. What. A. Game. I was beyond outraged that I had no voice to yell at the ridiculous officiating that was happening before us. Drew made a trip to the kitchen and came back with a wooden spoon and a pot. I was a force to be reckoned with after that. At the sound of the final buzzer the score was 73-66 and the Mountaineers are headed to Indianapolis for the Final Four for the first time since 1959. HOLLA BACK!!

As you can imagine, mayhem erupted in our living room. I was jumping up and down on our couch banging the pot with my wooden spoon as fast as I could. I leaped over the coffee table into the arms of Drew, his long-time friend Matthew and our newly adopted Mountaineer fan Jessica. As we hopped up and down in our living room, I hoped that the floor would remain in one piece. (It did.) Drew disappeared to the basement only to reappear with a ladder and a drill. We opened all the doors and windows blaring “Country Roads” as loud as our stereo would go as Drew drilled our WV flag to the front porch. (Again, drilled….not simply nailed.)

I’m sure my fellow Mountaineer fans can relate to how we are feeling today. On Cloud 9, in disbelief, excitement and nerves are settling in as we prepare to head to Indy. And you better believe that we will be there this time. No Buffalo excuses! We. Are. Going. I’m especially thankful to my co-workers who have opened their floor to us. 🙂 We’ll be there with ‘eers on.

And the only thing that could top this weekend….is this:

The snow is GONE.

March 30, 2010 - 10:03 am

Allison - Maybe MSU and WVU will meet each other in the championship! Of course I’ll have to be cheering on my Spartans at that time. Glad you had a good weekend. Hope your throat is feeling better!!! :):)

March 30, 2010 - 12:37 pm

Aunt Lori - Thank you, thank you…I love this chapter in your life story. You need to come up with a book title. I’m not kidding when I say, this is the best Romantic Comedy I’ve readed in a long time! i can hardly wait for the next post! Love you both..oosp I mean all 4 ya (can’t leave out your babies)!!