DIY Deck

When I say DIY – I really mean, fall in-love with an amazing handy man with a hellavu carpenter for a father.

When Drew first came to me and said “We are going to build a deck.” A million things ran through my mind. First, who is we? How long will this take? How much labor will be involved? How much is this going to cost? Will someone end up in the hospital? We don’t have any tools, so how will this be possible? Will there be enough room for me to sunbathe on this deck? And to make a long story short…I will answer all of the above questions

1. The whole neighborhood, a wonderful set of parents and more than one trip to Weber Market for beer.

2. 2.5 days

3. More than you’d care to know.

4. It’s on a credit card – but it was surprisingly less than we thought…think $1,300.

5. No…but there are many sore bodies on our block

6. TGFD – Thank Goodness For Dustin!

7. YES!!!

Here is our picture documentation of the whirlwind weekend. FIRST! Drew’s parents arrive with the necessities – T-bone steaks, lunch meat and snacks. (YES! – One day we hope that they arrive and the need for them to bring groceries is non-existant.) It’s Friday evening and they get started right away….

Once the deck area was staked out and the supplies arrived on the scene…the boys got started digging. We recruited the help of our neighbor Dustin and Mike. I’ve realized it’s hard for boys to stay away from loud construction noises. Our good friend Tommy also came over to help us relocate the AC unit and move some electric wires around. Thanks Tommy!!

They worked well into the night….

It was freezing cold that night so Jo Lynn and I mostly watched from inside. I realized right away that if I didn’t have a power tool, I was really just in the way.

The next morning I had a photography workshop (more on THAT later!) so when I arrived home at 4:30pm, I walked into my back yard to see THIS!

You can imagine the squeals of delight!

I love this pictures of Drew’s dad, Richard. Without him, we would have  been lost!

Sunday morning brought more trips to Lowe’s and the decision for Rich and Jo Lynn to stay one more night. The boys were bound and determined to finish this deck. So Jo Lynn and I took off to run a few errands and round up a feast for the fellas that night. We stopped at Garden Ridge where I got a steal of a deal on a new umbrella for the back porch. We arrived home to see THIS!

I love how every time I left and returned…mass productivity occurred while I was away. It made me so happy! Now I actually did have a job to do on Sunday…I was in charge of putting the furniture together that I had purchased for the front porch and deck. Drew was in charge of building the deck…I was in charge of decorating it. 🙂 I love the posts that we used on the railings…it gave it such a professional look. I was even shocked that they put railings on the steps! It looks like a totally different house with the deck on it. By Monday afternoon….we were looking at THIS!

Do you see that little doggy in the window? He loves his new deck.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Never in a million years would I have imagined that THIS would be our new deck. The boys went above and beyond and produced a fantastic outdoor space. I was surprised HGTV didn’t show up to document their progress. This is well-worth a 30 minute TV special.

Do you like my umbrella!? See…I wasn’t totally worthless on this project. I decorated.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who had a hand in helping us. We couldn’t have done it without you! This deck has added emotional and monetary value to our home…and it will get a ton of use. After Drew’s mom and dad left (again, we love you guys! Thank you!) we got to work on cleaning up the yard and dug out the new flower bed. Our little yard is coming together and we can’t wait to have you over to see it.

So no one went to the hospital….we didn’t spend our life savings…they got it done in 2.5 days (still can’t believe that) and I can’t wait to layout on this big beautiful deck.