The Little Lady Bug

WHATTA WEEKEND!!! It was long. It was fun. It was super hot. It was full of costumes. It was a little emotional – in a very good way. And now, it’s over. Another Alumni has come and gone…and I have a few good photos to share. Just one of my many favorite parts of Alumni was another chance to see my Little Lyn-Dee Lady Bug. So I thought I’d end the weekend with the rest of the photographs from Lyn-Dee’s baptism. I do have Alumni photos on the “to do” list, but they are not next, and not close to the top. So sorry, family. Good things come to those that wait. 😉

And speaking of waiting….my A Lori and U Tom have paid their dues!! Here’s the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen…..

After a long morning in the sun and some afternoon quiet time, it was time to get ready for the pool! We took a break halfway through getting ready time to play the drums.

She is the cutest punk rocker I’ve ever seen!

Before we took off for the pool, I spotted these precious little rain boots. We had to put them on and try them outside. 🙂

Lyn-Dee did FANNNN-tastic at her baptism! If you haven’t seen the video, please watch it here. She gives Pastor Craig a little push.

Thank you again for including us in Lyn-Dee’s big weekend. It was wonderful to see you all again over Alumni too. Love you BIG BUNCHES!!!!