Nicole and Jason are getting married!

Nicole and Jason are getting married at the end of July. I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of their big day! Recently I was in Royal Oak and we had the opportunity to hit the town and take a few photographs of these love birds. I’ve known Nicole for awhile now and it makes me happy to see her so in-love with a great guy like Jason. Typical, for Michigan in May…the day we chose to shoot was cold. However, there were more than a few melting hearts during our shoot. We even got a few “congratulations!” shouted to them from happy passer-by’s in downtown Royal Oak. Enjoy their beauty!

I absolutely love this location in Royal Oak. I had to shoo a bartender away that was taking a smoke break in the back of the restaurant, but other than that we had this place completely to ourselves. Can you see the scuff marks on the bricks? Parkour!

Mr. B’s is special to many people in Royal Oak because of the fun atmostphere, good food and plethora of TV’s. It’s especially special to Nicole and Jason because it is where they met for the first time. Aww! I can hear the melting hearts!

I love this series! Especially that last photograph on the right. You guys are sooooo cute!!!

Nicole, this photograph is absolutely gorgeous of you!! You are going to be a beautiful bride. Can’t wait for your big day!