Haute Haute Haute!

I’ve been itching to do a few things that are outside my scope of “normal” when it comes to my photography. I LOVE to shoot families, children and babies. Nothing makes me happier to see all that love and those squishy faces that only sweet babies have. But I wanted to stretch my creativity and shake things up a bit. I was beyond thrilled when the opportunity came up to collaborate with a fellow photographer (Trevor Loken…he’s fab, check him out here) and shoot two gorrrrgeous girlies in a few settings that you wouldn’t normally find these supa fly glammed up gals. I changed up my branding a bit to be more mature and sophisticated for this kind of session. I also avoided grouping photographs together for a different look.

Rita and Shea…you girls rocked it harder than I thought you did at the time. A++++ (even after a previous stayed-out-too-late-night) Here are a few of my favorites from our session together.

Rita! You are beautifully fabulous! I’m sure that you are laughing at something Shea said or Trevor did. Both are highly likely. I loved the ones when I caught you smiling naturally. Perrrfect!

However, this one is ON FIRE!!! Might be a billboard one day for something incredibly chic. Check out those stilettos. We were underneath a bridge in a dry creek bed, and Rita was fearless in her towering heels. My hero.

I commented countless times on how much I loved Shea’s hair. She was probably starting to get weirded out by me. But alas….I love her hair!! The color and texture of it photographed so well. Shea…you were made to be in pictures. 🙂

Helllllooooo!?!? Doesn’t this just make you want to have a photo shoot with your best friend? I LOVE IT! These girls are roommates in one of my favorite parts of town in Columbus. They make me miss my times (ok years….and more years) that I spent with Emily in Royal Oak. I really wouldn’t trade my life now for anything (not even for an instant 5-pound-weight-loss pill or a magic this-will-plan-your-wedding-button) but seeing them together made me reek of nostalgia. And think “I used to live that life.” (Miss you Emmy!)

I loved it that these two were up for any wild idea that Trevor and I had. Even walking painfully slow up an incredibly uneven brick street while cars went whizzing by behind them….while smiling.

We were quickly losing light and I knew my beautiful models were getting tired when they turned down a SkinnyGirl Margarita. (Really? That is a sign that the night is ove-ah.) Your patience for our go-over-here, move-this-way, do-you-mind-if-you-take-off-your-shoes, could-you-please-put-your-shoes-back-on, stand-up or even our don’t-be-afraid-of-that-scary-random-guy-behind-the-building antics, was amazing. You girls were fabulous!!  Thank you so much for helping me to stretch my creative legs and dabble with something new. You’re the best! xoxo