Nicole & Jason: Married!

Yay!! Finally! A massive wedding day blog post for a beautiful couple, Nicole and Jason. A huge thank you to my second shooter Trevor. You rocked buddy! Nicole and Jason were married on July 30, 2010 in a northern suburb of Detroit, MI. They couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was GORGEOUS! Trevor and I met early in Columbus and hit the road for a whirlwind wedding photography day trip. (Don’t worry, we had lots of snacks to keep us focused.) My favorite part of the trip was driving back home to Columbus that night. That might sound crazy, but Trevor and I were so buzzed from the incredible night that we photographed and from the love and magic that made Nicole and Jason’s wedding day perfect. Not to mention Trevor kept trying to show me beautiful shots on his camera as I’m driving down I-75…that’s tough to do.

And so…the day started for us at Twin Lakes Country Club. I met up with the beautiful bride Nicole and her fun, fun, fun wedding party. Here’s a run down starting with the beautiful location that we worked with.

I was so very happy with the dressing room the girls had to get ready in. It had mirrors galore and fabulous vanity lights. It made me feel like a princess and I was just there with the camera.

Love this one Nicole! You are such a beautiful bride! 🙂

There are two photos above that I adore. One is of Nicole’s mother looking at her for the first time. The other is of Nicole’s grandma, who just quietly observed the going-ons inside that dressing room.

I soon left the ladies alone and ventured outside to find the handsome groom. Jason was waiting for his cue to head down to the ceremony site. I caught him taking a moment to check things out….

And so it begins….

This wedding party was too much fun!! Love, love all the laughter and happiness.

And I have to say…that photograph with the wedding party climbing golf carts….that my friends, is a direct result of a 4 hour drive to get to a wedding destination. Do you see the little ones on top? (They were heavily supervised.) I’m not sure who had more fun….Trevor and I coming up with this shot, or the wedding party who was “asked” to break rules. Time is a terrible thing to waste.

After our adventures on the golf course, the newlyweds made their big debut at their beautifully decorated reception site. Nicole had so much help from family and friends. Hats off to all you! The place looked gorgeous! Their grand arrival was followed by toasts and dinner.

After a delicious dinner, it was time to get down to business….like bouquet tossing and cake cutting. Yummm!

I know I’m doing a lot of commentating on this post, but I have to jump in here to point out….the flower girl’s face. Isn’t that PRECIOUS?!?! And I also want to add that Jason’s mother made their cake! Beautiful! And their cookie favors were homemade too! All the personal touches made this night unforgettable. *sigh*

You guys look sooooo happy!!! It was truly an honor to be a part of your day. Your friends were wonderful. Your families are fantastic. Thank you for making Trevor and I feel so welcome and comfortable as we captured memories on this beautiful day. Remember…this is just a sampling. When your private online gallery is ready you’ll have over 300 photographs to sift through. Enjoy! xoxox