And Baby Makes 7!

First…a HUGE congratulations to Kathleen, Andy, Ross, Leanna, Abigail and Madeline on the recent arrival of baby Wyatt. I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet the latest addition to your fabulous crew. 🙂

I met Kathleen and her family last year in November. I was overjoyed to shoot so many cute kiddos at once and flabbergasted at how INCREDIBLY well behaved everyone was. This year was no different. Everyone was a little bit bigger, had a little bit more to say, and even cuter (if possible!) than the last time I’d seen them.

The photographs I want to share were taken before baby Wyatt had arrived. But as you can see, everyone was very excited that he could arrive at any minute.

Love. Love. Love.

And just so you know…Kathleen made all of the girl’s shrugs…like she was literally finishing up her knitting as they pulled into the parking lot. Super. Mom.

Madeline has grown so much and Ross is still the master tree climber.

I’m head over heels in love with the face that Abigail is making. I’m not sure if it was a sniff or a snarl…but I love.

And finally, a family photograph that is not perfect. Which in my eyes makes it imperfectly perfect. In fact, there is a photo where almost everyone is looking at me and not crying…but this speaks to true life. Words are not needed.

As always, it was such a pleasure to spend a few hours with Kathleen and Andy’s family. You guys are unbelievably awesome and I’m so excited for you now that baby Wyatt is here. Congratulations! xoxo