Ahhh!! Meet The Fabulous, Exciting, Talented, Michigan Born-But-Now-Lives-In-Ohio (obviously), Guitar Playing, Van Wearing 2011 Graduating Senior….MISS LEXIE!!!! (Ear shattering applause) Lexie…I must tell you, processing your photos has been a ball for many reasons. One, you have a beautiful personality that shines through your many gorgeous facial expressions. I could hear your funny one liners through the photographs. I could feel your smile and the warmth that you bring to everyone in your life. You are truly an awesome human being and I’m so happy that I had the pleasure to meet you and spend an afternoon getting to know you. And two…that HAIR!! Ahhh…you my friend were having one fabulous hair day during our shoot. It was perfectly placed in every shot. Of course, I couldn’t choose just one or two or even 10 photos for your big debut…so please enjoy the many that I plan on posting. 🙂

Helllllooooooooo GORGEOUS!?!? Perrrrfect color!! Perfect locale! We were at Franklin Park Conservatory when I spotted a few pieces of art that I thought would show off Lexie’s hoodie quite nicely. Glad we stopped. That one on the right is a contender for my favorite.

When Lexie pulled out the fedora I almost lost my mind. So freaking adorable! And I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable this girl was in front of my lens. She was a natural! 🙂


Que the wind! Que the hot model! Yes…we were all freezing, but so very worth it. Lex…..GORG!!! Simply GORG!!

Before Lexie hurt her knee she was a fierce volleyball player. So we had to have a little fun. And I know that the shot on the right isn’t an award winner…but it is also a contender for a fave of mine. that one eyeball is in PERFECT focus!!

Lexie also makes wishes at 11:11 and loves sleeping. (SO DO I!! – which is what I should  be doing instead of posting this!) 🙂

So then it was off to showcase her other love…snowboarding!

We (I mean she) was even able to show me a few of her moves with all the snow we had!

Lexie!! Needless to say….I had simply an AHHHH-mazing time hangin out with you. Thank you for making it so much fun, so easy and I so hope you want to do it again in the spring time 🙂

Tons more to show you (can you believe it?!?) in your slideshow. For now I need to hit the hay. Stay tuned! I will have your show up soon! xoxo