Ashley & Corey are Getting Married!

You will be able to pick up on a few things right off the bat from the photographs in this e-session with Ashley & Corey. 1) We had an incredibly good time. 2) They are madly in-love. 3) The magazines should be calling these two shortly….being the GORGEOUS human beings that they are. 4) I can’t WAIT to shoot their wedding that is planned for May 2012!! We’re going to have a ball!

So true to form, this Ohio winter has been quite brutal. It’s been freezing cold with more than our fair share of dreary, yucky days. Surprisingly, the day that I met up with Ashley and Corey, the sun was blazing which gave me bright skies and incredible contrasting colors with the snow. YAY! However the temperature was frigid. And when I say frigid….I mean coooooooollllldddddd. So thumbs up and a big pat on the back to my two super warrior models for hanging in there with me and not bailing when I suggested we go ahead with the outdoor portion of our session anyway. It was well worth it!

Ashley, that coat was the perfect color!! It looks amazing! YOU look stunning! Corey, you look great too my friend. 😉

Every couple that I consult with has the same concern: They think that they aren’t photogenic and can’t act natural in front of a camera. I knew these two were faking me out!! Look at how comfortable they are!

First off…Ashley has an amazing sense of style. I’m sure I could spend countless hours with my jaw agape in her closet….this notion was confirmed when I spotted those shoes. AAHHHH!!! And an even bigger shout out goes to my man Corey – because those killer heels were a Christmas gift from HIM!! You’re going to do just fine as a husband, Corey. Just fine. (Just keep that up.) 🙂

And second of all, how cool is he (Corey) that he’s willing to pose for a shoe shot and participate? Awesome! And then Ashley reciprocates by not only being a willing particpant of the PBR photo, but maybe stealing the spotlight. I love you two!!

Since we were a little chilly, we headed to Franklin Park Conservatory for a different look and feel for the photographs. I love FPC because of all the different textures and colors. It played perfectly into our day.

Ashley, you are GORGEOUS! My camera loved your eyes. You are going to be the most beautiful bride. I can’t wait to see you on the big day! I predict you won’t leave anyone with a dry eye.

These last two are contenders for my favorites. You two are just so darn sweet. It was such an honor to spend the afternoon with you. I’m really looking forward to being a part of your big day next May. It’s going to fly by and be here before we know it!! You have a slideshow coming soon too, so stay tuned! Congratulations Ashley and Corey!