Meet Baby Colin!

Our immediate family has waited 25 years for you Colin! Poor Troy Boy (my little brother) has had a lonely journey surrounded by WOMEN!! So you can imagine our joy when my first cousin Miranda gave birth to her second child, a healthy, bouncy, handsome, smiley, little B.O.Y! The majority of us had forgotten what to buy for a boy. But it came back pretty quickly. 😉

Last weekend Drew and I made a quick trip home to West Virginia to see family and make a few more wedding decisions. (Yesterday was our SEVEN week countdown! Latest wedding updates and itineraries are HERE at our wedding website.) We found out that Colin’s fantastic big sister Haleigh was playing in her first softball game in Paden City, so we all went up the river to peek in and see the baby (does anyone else start doing the Seinfeld episode when they “go to see a baby?”? We of course do this with love, warmth and excitement because we couldn’t WAIT to see this baby!)

When we pulled into the parking lot of the softball field, I was immediately taken back to my early days as a softball player in second grade. I had a brief career as an outfielder. I spent my time out there perfecting my cheers and yelling to my cousin Miranda in the adjacent field. My wonderful father endured every game. We found our family and finally met the little man. He was perfection.

His great Auntie Miss Mary Ann immediately took him in her arms and I started snapping away. He loved her. Of course. Children love Miss Mary Ann.

Then it was time for some serious close ups. We weren’t sure if he was just really excited to meet the Rutherford’s…of if he had some gas.

Next up he got some mama love. Daddy, Josh was hard at work, so we’ll have to get more family photos next time. (Benefits of having a photographer in the family: You can pretty much bet you’ll see me again. 🙂 )

LOVE that little squished up face!!! I can’t remember if he was sneezing or getting ready for a cry. None the less…he’s too sweet.

Since Colin was bailing on me, I turned my attention to his big sister. Who by the way, is the BEST big sister in the world. She knows far more about little babies than I do right now. And to everyone’s relief…Haleigh did not inherit my softball skills. She actually moved around the outfield.

She also did waaaaay better than me at bat. Because she actually swung the bat. I never did. I mean NEVER. That forced my dad to yell “Good eye” after every pitch. (Have I mentioned I have the best Daddy ever?) After that, he was at every Cheerleading competition until my Senior year. He saw the writing on the wall.

And Haleigh: I LOVE your PINK helmet….you are FABULOUS sweetie!!!

God has truly blessed our family. It was wonderful to meet our new baby cousin and see Miss Haleigh growing up. Miranda and Josh we couldn’t be happier for you guys. Your family is beautiful and we wish you nothing but the best. We can’t wait to be together again in June! xoxo


And a SPECIAL Happy Birthday to His Auntie Brandy!!!

May 7, 2011 - 3:15 pm

Mary Ann - Oh Meg…this is so sweet! Collin made the cutest faces…and you got them all! Haleigh is a great big sis, and Miranda is a confident, happy and beautiful young mother. Nice work, Meg!

May 7, 2011 - 6:41 pm

Livy - Love this! Actually, I love reading EVERY blog entry (is that the correct lingo?) of yours!!! Baby Colin is adorable… Some of his faces were cracking me up. You were able to capture so many beautiful memories in these photos! And yes, everyone big & little loves Miss Mary Ann! Who couldn’t love someone as sweet, patient, & wonderful as her!!! I also love Haleigh’s pink helmet. Where were those when we played softball in elementary school?! You’re softball stories from second grade had me rolling! absolutely HILARIOUS. Bless your daddy’s heart… He found something positive to say when most others would have chosen a different direction. I’m laughing out loud again just thinking about him saying “good eye” after every pitch!! 🙂 Congratulations to the proud mommy, daddy, and big sister on the handsome addition to their family.

May 8, 2011 - 7:32 pm

The Church Will Be Full - […] dinner we went up the river to meet Baby Colin and see Haleigh play softball. You can see their cute, fun photos here. The night turned a little chilly and we went back to Drew’s mom and dad’s house for a […]

May 8, 2011 - 8:41 pm

megan - Second grade softball was quite comical. I’m glad I could bring some memories back for you Livy! 😉 xoxo