Allison & Ryan are Getting Married!!

Meet Allison and Ryan…my beautiful couple that will be celebrating their marriage vows exactly one week before myself and Drew in East Lansing Michigan. Allison and I have LOADS in common. And when I met Ryan, I was smitten with him too. But I also learned that these two are brave, tough, crazy in-love and would do anything for a great photo…which makes me oh-so-very-happy!! When Allison told me that she had a few specific photos in mind with a few prop ideas, I was immediately excited. We didn’t even let the 89% chance of rain, sleet and snow (I’m not kidding or remotely exaggerating here) get us down that April day in Grand Haven, Michigan where we were set to shoot our one and only chance at an e-sesh together (due to very hectic schedules…we were all limited to what we could get on the calendar. So we were gonna make or break it baby!) And clearly….we MADE IT!! Allison and Ryan…I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of your special day in just a few short weeks. Thank you for trusting me with these memories. I know we are going to have a wonderful time…and that First Look will be something you will never ever forget. Enjoy these precious photos until then!

Love, love this one!! Allison you are going to be a BEAUTY-full bride!! 🙂

Allison loved the contrast between her sassy high heels and Ryan’s combat boots. I couldn’t agree more.

Love this one too!

We sought refuge at the Lemon Creek Winery where our happy couple took a break from the sleeting weather and was able to relax and enjoy themselves before hitting the road back to Lansing.

Congratulations Allison and Ryan!! I can’t wait for your wedding day!