Cat : Class of 2012 Grand Haven High School, Michigan

When I first met Catherine…we were two peas in a pod. Both with a whole lotta growin’ up to do.

Catherine and her sister Mary were my first real-off-my-own-street-babysitting charges that I’d ever had (look out world! Megan The Entrepreneur was born!) the summer that I was turning 15. I started when Catherine was just crawling and Mary was only 4 years old. We grew to be best pals – and I’m sure frenemies for short moments – over the years. I think in this photo I’m at least 16 or 17 and I think Mary is actually taking the picture! Mary taught me everything I know about budgies and talked me into getting my first one – named Chiquita. Catherine kept Mary and I laughing the entire evening until all three of us would fall asleep in front of the tv with too many snacks and probably a touch too much caffeine. (Sorry Julie.) Your family was so incredibly important to me back then and I was truly touched when you reached out and asked me to photograph Cat as she embarks on a monumental journey through her final year at Grand Haven High School.

As wonderful as it was to see Cat as a GORGEOUS young woman and see photos of her beautiful sister Mary off in college and applying for Grad School…it was a little surreal and slightly shocking to realize just how much time has passed and how truly old I am. Wow.

Cat my dearest…You. Are. GORG!!

We took these down at the beach at the end of our street. Ironically enough…I live just down the street from Cat now. I say “I” meaning my parent’s do. So Buchanan Beach for photos was a no brainer. We were there at sunset so you can see the pink and red tones reflecting off your gorgeous skin. LOVE IT!

The band All Time Low came to GHHS and Cat didn’t let the fact that she had nothing for them to autograph ruin the moment…her Sperrys did the trick!

Cat is an extremely talented musician in the marching band. She also runs track and cross country, she is a member of Green Club, InterAct Club, FreeThinkers, National Honors Society, and Catalina Club AND in between that she still finds time to see hilarious movies like Bridesmaids with her best friend Megan (not me) while still deciding which school she will be attending in the fall: MSU or UofM….(que the dramatic decision making music!) I’m worn out just typing this. Oh and did I mention her fave classes are Anatomy and Physiology. This girl has got it goin’ on.

When I got to Cat’s house and saw all the fun outfits she had picked out, we both fell head over heels for this dress. I loved it and it looked fantastic on her.

Cat…I mean this from the bottom of my heart. You are simply wonderful. A beautiful girl inside and out. I know it on the inside because I know and remember the sweet little girl I used to babysit and the amazing and strong woman who raised you…but it is truly radiating on the outside too. Congratulations on your senior year…I have no doubt in my mind that you are bound for astounding things. This world is waiting!

September 28, 2011 - 11:55 am

Julie Yoas - You went above and beyond for this shoot and in your creative,memory filled blog.
We were blessed to have you as a sitter way back when; and it was just so incredibly special to
have you return to our lives for this special time.
We will always love you Meg. You are one special lady. Wishing you all the joy and love in your
every day life that you give to others so freely!!
Keep up the great work!