Happy Birthday Bubby!

The fact that my little brother is turning 26 today is not only a shock to my system, but also a sign (as he so kindly pointed out) that if he’s getting older it only means I’m 4.5 years ahead of him. Cute isn’t he?

Troy Boy, Bubby, Bub, was my play mate growing up even though we had a pretty big age difference. Our family moved around quite a bit (which I give credit to my ability to always introduce myself as I was constantly the new girl) so Troy and I found ourselves making forts, attacking my Barbies with green army men, riding bikes, and in the middle of the occasional knock down, drag out, brother-sister fight. I can remember many birthday parties for him, but the one that sticks out the most is his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party that we had living in Raleigh, NC 20 years ago where my mother (bless her) decorated the house to the nines in green and phrases like “Cowabunga Dude!” and “Radical! Radical! Radical!”. I’m not sure who was more excited…me or Troy Boy. He was and still is my buddy and friend.

I’m incredibly proud of the birthday boy because he is currently living in Morgantown, WV on Cheat Lake (jealous) and is working as a police officer in Bridgeport. My baby brother arrests criminals! Crazy! He’s already received a letter of accommodation for his outstanding work there. Bad people beware.

Again, I’m thankful for Facebook so that I could use the awesome photo of the newly 26 year old, youngest Rutherford lad and my mother from our wedding to honor him in this post. I also want to share another photo that I have. It’s of my new favorite game that Troy not only taught me how to play, but also how to strategize and eventually start beating him. Which always makes a big sister happy. Shuffle board at the Elks has a new appeal to me now. 🙂


Happy happy birthday Troy! I love you and I’m sorry we can’t all be together today. Enjoy your day! You deserve it and we’ll celebrate soon. Xoxo

January 15, 2012 - 4:52 pm

Brandy - Great tribute to Troy! So Blessed to have him in our lives!