A. B. C. D.a.

I refuse to start every personal blog entry out the same way. “Time is flying by!” “Where is the time going?!” “I can’t believe the month of May is already over!” So I’ve been sitting here staring at my keyboard for the last half hour, letting Saucy Kitty cross over my lap, the desk, lay down, get up, purr in my face and finally give up and retreat to her kitty bed as I sit and think of a new way to say…where the hell is all this time going? Oops, I did it again. (Now get that outta yer head on this beautiful Sunday.)

I’ve been digging through my iPhone trying to select a few of my favorite photos that would describe our crazy, emotional, fun and hard times that we’ve shared these past few months; I think I’ve struck the perfect balance. This is a collage of photos…some are self explanatory, some I’m giving a bit of back story to. These have corresponding alphabetic letters below.

What’s Been Up:

  • A. At the end of February we celebrated my gorgeous husband Drew’s graduation from nursing school. Woot woot!! Not only has it been a long two and a half years of school, but he’s worked his boot-tay off in the SICU at OSU Med Center as a Patient Care Assistant while going to school full time. Needless to say we were ecstatic when it was over. I got the balloon hanging idea from Pinterest – which I’m sure was stolen the source of inspiration from thirty other people. Only project I’ve brought to fruition.
  • B. We are so lucky that both sets of our parents would be here in seconds to help us with any household project that we could dream up…and they have. But this time…we wanted to roll solo. We decided to install wood floors, on our own, in our sunroom. After numerous trips to Lowe’s and re-reading the directions (twice)…We finished and we did GOOD!!!
  • B. a. My first of many injuries from the workload…but we survived and stayed out of divorce court. #Success!!
  • C. We spent St. Paddy’s day in Detroit, MI with some wonderful friends. We have this unwritten rule with Mike and Emily that we don’t go longer than a month or two without one of us traveling up or down for a weekend of hanging out. We’ve kept this tradition going since I moved down here to Columbus three years ago. And we got some pretty awesome news in late February from them….they are GETTING MARRIED in October!!!! Congratulations squirrels!!! We can’t wait to be a part of your amazing day. We love you so, so much!!
  • D. In the midst of a big travel trip I forgot every toiletry bag I own and I had to purchase all new. (Oh darn!) While shopping for all things wonderful, I fell in-love with this necklace that I found at Target (of all places!) and it ensued a debate. Is this a moose, reindeer, or plain ole deer?
  • E. A simple, micro-mini trim, makes for amazing hair days.
  • E.a. Until the migraines that I still battle regularly take over later that evening.
  • F. Nothing makes me happier than the beginning signs of summer. Longer nights, patios, and the arrival of Summer Shandy. It makes getting things done around here almost impossible. All I want to do is sit outside (any patio will do) and relax with a cocktail, glass of wine, or a beer.
  • G. Have you ever been to the Cleveland Clinic? Hopefully you’ve never had to under go a serious surgery or life threatening illness…but if you are faced with something scary this place is top notch. For real…it’s the shizz. My father-in-law was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm (I’m probably butchering the terminology and my husband who’s reading this is cringing.) and had to undergo an aortic aneurysm repair and valve replacement surgery. Scared? Yep. He went to the CC and stayed there for just over a week. His surgeon? Best of the best. That hospital? Amazeballs. His support team? It makes me weepy just thinking about all the love and support that surrounded Richard during those tough days. He’s doing great. Drew and I are lucky to have two healthy fathers and two strong, loving and healthy mothers. Blessed!
  • H. On to something far less deep and much more shallow…I started a new club. It’s The Real Housewives of Columbus. Real women. With real middle class incomes. I’m sure we’re on the verge of being picked up by some amazing channel like….Oxygen. Maybe Lifetime. Nothing as classy as Bravo or Style or even TLC. Our first adventure was a trip to a local winery at the sprawling estates of….wait for it….Canal Winchester. We didn’t pair up and take groups of limos to the winery, we jammed all 9 of us into that trashy limo to save a couple $$. And my credit card was still declined when I tried to put the  $100 deposit on it. How’s that for an opener, Bravo?

So that’s it! That’s the kick off to our summer. Ups and downs…but far more ups than downs. Blessed, busy, happy, stressed and fun are the most current words I’d use to describe our lives right now. As you can gather from the other self explanatory photos, I have this obsession with yellow nail polish…we sometimes let our grass grow too long…I’ve become obsessed with the Skinny Girl White Peach Margarita and we still take non-stop photos of our babies Beauy and Sauce. We=me.

I’m looking forward to writing my take on the First Year of Marriage as Drew and I slide into that twelfth month. I’ll rehearse my opener as I head out to the flower bed to tackle the weeds that are taller than me. I guarantee you this. It will not start out with “Where has the year gone?” or “It’s flown by!” I promise to get more creative. 😉

May 31, 2012 - 5:04 pm

Aunt Lori - Glad to be reading about the sweetest couple around…it make me smile during lunch time…more please!!