Jess & Dave : Engaged!

I knew when Jess walked in rockin’ a royal blue, satin tank top and a smokin’ hot black blazer with perfect accessories to accompany it…we were going to have a great time. I’ve known Jess & Dave for almost 8 months now as I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing their GORGeous baby girl Payton. Payton is always looking marvelous in her presh little outfits and adorable hair bows, so I knew Jess & Dave would show up looking like rock stars. And, they did – both of ’em! Even though I missed baby girl, I was really looking forward to some one-on-one time during their engagement session through downtown Columbus and German Village. They didn’t disappoint me! It was non-stop fun-nessss!

Jess, I want your long, perfectly straight, flawless hair. Gimme. 😉

Happiiiiiiiiiinessssss!!!!! Your expressions are my fave in the one above!

GORG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The light in this alley was yum, yum, yummy. I got so excited at one point I started to do my happy feet dance and Jess thought I was falling. Yes, I’m that graceful.

Those shoes!!!! Dave, yours look saweeeeet too.

Love this.

You two make the most gorgeous couple!! These images are some of my faves. The setting sun was bathing you in stunning light and I just couldn’t click, click, click, click fast enough. Perfection!! Jess you are going to be a BEAUTY-full bride. I really can’t wait.

Congrats you two!!! Less than a month to go! I can’t wait for your wedding day!! xoxox