Cooper and Noelle’s sweet family

I can’t dream up a better evening than the perfect combination of laughter, five year old and two year old smiles, Graeter’s ice cream, and non-stop giggles after running as fast as you can down a steep hill. That pretty much sums up my perfect early summer evening shoot with this awesome family.

This first image is one of my absolute favorites. It’s not because the lighting is spectacularly yummy, or the symmetry is singing to me. It’s the simple moment when a daddy reaches down for the hand of his child. That is what makes this my favorite photo from the bunch. This is an heirloom…this is something you hold on to and pass down to generations after you. This is a moment that happens frequently now, but will stop as they grow older. (Pass me a tissue, I’m feeling uber sentimental tonight!)

Meet sweet Noelle. This hair is to die for. Once we put a toy cell phone in Noelle’s hands and I showed her my best puppy bark…we were BFF.

I bet this girl will be into gymnastics…?? Or at least a whiz on the monkey bars. 😉

Now meet her big brother Cooper. Who I was instantly connected to because my mother’s maiden name is Cooper – so I was on board from “hello”. Cooper is soooo awesome at kicking the soccer ball, riding his scooter, running fast and telling me about his teachers at school. He is a sweet old soul in a little body. And I was smitten.

He was the master at airplane spins.

I never knew Graeter’s made “monster” ice cream. It looked delish!

LENS FLARE!!! My fave!! I’ve been so lucky with all the incredible light that has been blessing my sunset shoots lately. Cooper, you look like you’re in ice cream heaven. 🙂

Running fast down hills will guarantee big smiles.

Ahhh!!! And this one. Melts my heart. (Again…notice that AMAZEing sunset light wrapping around them? Couldn’t get enough!)

I love EVERYTHING about this family photo! Look at little Noelle’s tongue sticking out in concentration as she runs up to get her daddy. These are real, big, genuine smiles. The only kind I accept. 😉

These smiles are infectious! I had such a wonderful time getting to know your family!! Thank you so much for spending the perfect evening with me. I look forward to many more. xoxo