Meet Taylor!

Just three tiny weeks old…this presh little angel had me oooooh and aaaaah-ing all evening long. When I arrived at Courtney and Troy’s beautiful home to meet their brand new bundle of joy, I was welcomed by the most gorgeous hardwood floors I’ve seen in a while. (I’m a photographer…I notice the craziest stuff as soon as I walk into a new shooting environment.) I was squealing with delight, already imagining the fun things we can do at Taylor’s six month shoot. And then I laid eyes on the gorgeous babe. Courtney and Troy…ya did good. She really is a BEAUTY-full baby girl. Meet Taylor.

Ahhh!! I just couldn’t get enough of her!! She was so ADORABLY cute and snuggled up tight in her swaddle.

Look at this little peanut!

I love how that little arm kept popping out of her swaddle. She was in total relax mode.

Oh! Well hewwo! Finally waking up to play with me.

The proud and brilliant smiles of new parents are impossible to hide. Parenting looks great on you two!

Daddy daughter time.

A little mommy and me time.

And believe it or not…this girl was wide awake for the last half of our session. During newborn shoots, I normally go through the whole newborn cycle. Awake, feeding, changing, fussiness, light sleep, deep sleep, start all over. I don’t mind any of it because this time is a once in a lifetime experience for new parents and I can document the entire cycle and the sweet, funny faces they (the babies, not the parents) make and the moods that they experience. It’s the experience of newborn shooting. But this girl skipped the drama and gave me sleep, snack, and awake. Perfection. 😉

This last image is one of my favorite family photos that we took. Courtney…you are glowing. You are a beautiful new mother and your husband is just doting on his two gorgeous girls. And Taylor looks just as presh as ever.

Congratulations everyone and welcome to this beautiful life Taylor!! I can’t wait for our next shoot together!! xoxo

June 3, 2012 - 7:59 pm

Mary Ann - Love the shots of Taylor with her mommy and daddy….but that first shot with the arm and hand over her little head…is just too cute. Nice work Meg with beautiful subjects. Look forward to watching Taylor grow.