Meet Vincent!

The moment Lauren agreed to do a sunrise session…I was in-love with this family. Not too many people like the idea of being up and photograph ready as the sun is rising…but the light! The peace and quiet! The perrrrfect mood your 5 month old is in!! It’s very, very worth it. So I had coffee ready, music on as Beau and I waited anxiously as this precious family climbed our front porch steps and graced our (new!) studio floor.

I was ooogly googly in-love as soon as I saw his hair, his smile, his daddy-and-son matching shoes. Ahhh!! This day can’t get any better!!!! Meet sweet Vincent.

And these sweet smiles are only the beginning!! Let me introduce you to the oh-so-presh, infectious, ever changing, many faces of beautiful Vincent. His expressions have kept a non-stop smile on my face.

Absoluuuuuutely. ADORE!!!!! I saw him make this face through my veiwfinder and knew it was going to be a keeper. When I saw it out of the camera it was one of those images that makes me laugh out loud and smile every time I see it. Vincent…you are too sweet!!

I’d bet his mommy or daddy was doing something incredibly funny/embarrassing off to my left to entice a smile out of this little guy. I think his eyes say it all. 😉 I also couldn’t pass up a delish black and white with some good ole’ fashion grain in the image. Yummy!

The matching shoes! This was their sneak peek photo and an instant favorite of mine.

Lauren, your dress was the PERFECT color. I absolutely LOVE it! It picks up the red in your little guys shorts…my true definition of coordinating your family colors. Hats off to ya.

My heart is swelling!! That little smile is to die for!!

True, unconditional love is pouring out of this photo. It’s the expression every mother makes when she’s sees her little one getting sleepy or fussy or unhappy.

And this is the magical fixer. 🙂 Family hugs and kisses. Heart melter! Another favorite of mine.

And then after all of our fun times both inside and out, we headed back into my studio for just one more outfit change and a few more studio photos with a new background….annnnnnd…….

He was out like a light. Sitting there on his daddy’s knee, listening to mom and I get all excited about our next set up and *POOF!* sound asleep. I was mesmerized! I’d never seen a sweet little guy fall asleep so quickly like that in my life. Talk about smitten!

Lauren, Tony and Vincent…I can’t tell you how much fun I had at our session and how QUICKLY it went by for me!! You have a beautiful family and your love and happiness is just exploding out of every image. I hope we get to do it again soon! xoxo