Happy First Birthday Olivia!!

The bunnies! The cake! The adorable littles running around! The presents! The birthday girl! It was First Birthday euphoria in Olivia’s backyard on a beautiful Ohio summer afternoon. We couldn’t have special ordered more perfect weather. The afternoon light filtered through the huge trees that shade their ginormous backyard. I always day dream of them putting in a big pool with a waterfall and a cabana – Vegas style – for me to lay by in that big backyard. (I’ll babysit for free if you do that, friends.) However, with out the pool, the yard is even better. It’s an open gauntlet for yard games, dogs to run-a-muck and as Olivia grows, space for her to explore. It’s a little slice of heaven.

When we walked in (only thirty minutes late – it amazes me that we’re the ones without kids and can’t be on time.) I immediately spotted the adorable birthday girl, in her super sweet birthday dress and snatched her up. Olivia always greets you with this precious, full-face-smile. It spreads warmth through your heart.

Soon it was cake smash time. I always prepare parents…your little just might freeze when it’s time to get after that cake. Everyone is singing. All eyes on them. Other littles surround their chair. It’s a lot of pressure. Don’t panic if they cry and don’t dig in. I told Lauren that if Olivia didn’t get into the cake, we’d re-create it at her one year shoot.

This girl had zero problems. None.

Lauren….GORGEOUS!!!!!! Smokin’ hot!! That skirt!!!! I die!!! Nels, you looked mighty handsome yourself friend. 😉

I love you two.  p.s. Way to coordinate the outfits. Always thinkin’ 😉

Bunnies, balloons, and pink lemonade stood out to be the theme of the day.

And friends….lots and lots of friends. After being in Columbus for over 3 years now, I can safely say that it feels like home to me. We have a strong network of friends. Friends that we’ve been through a lot with. Friends that I can look around and say that I truly trust. That would be there for me in the middle of the night and I would be there for them. Friends that we’ve lost touch with and have come back to like we were never gone. I looked around that party and could feel my heart swelling with emotion as I was watching their families grow before my eyes. I didn’t want to leave. That is a wonderful feeling to have.

Did I mention babies?? Baby dolls were also a theme at the party. I learned that every toddler, boy or girl, LOVES a good baby doll. Did I always know that and just forgot? I can’t imagine I let that slip away. p.s. I love the dudes in the back ground playing corn hole (“Bags” for my northern friends). So tough at a first birthday party.

Olivia’s sweet cousin Vincent!! Those LASHES!! You will be a heart breaker my friend.

Happy, happy, happy first birthday beautiful Olivia. We love you oh so much!! Thank you for letting us share your special day. It’s been so fun watching you grow this year. Can’t wait for more! xoxo